Translation Zones

TRANSLATION ZONE(S) by Heather Connelly and Karina Cabanikova.

Translation Zone(s) is a collaborative work by artist/researcher Heather Connelly and artist/curator Karina Cabanikova and has been designed to immerse and engage people in process of translation and explore the condition of Linguistic Hospitality. Philosopher Paul Ricoeur (2008:10), described Linguistic Hospitality as 'where the pleasure of dwelling in the other's language is balanced by the pleasure of receiving the foreign word at home, in one's welcoming house'. With this in mind the game requires you to decode, process, map and translate unfamiliar sounds of a minor language (Slovak) into a shared, major language (English). You are invited to listen closely, to the texture of the words, to tune into the unfamiliar and inhabit the role of host and guest simultaneously. You need to beware of 'false friends' - those words that sound familiar but are used in an entirely different way.

This playful work aims to raise questions and provoke discussions about:

  • How it feels to try and understand this 'strange' language?
  • What processes do you go through to try to make sense and communicate between languages?
  • Does this process of interpretation have any impact upon your own language?
  • To find out more about Translation Zone(s) visit: Translation Zones