Ana Rutter / Andrea Jaeger / Anna Katarzyna Domejko / Bruno Grilo / Darren Withey / Fred Hubble / Jennifer Wright / Jodie Wingham / Jonathon Harris / Justin Sanders / Laura Onions / Matt Gale / Milly Rowland / Sharon Foster / Thomas Humphries / Taiba Akhtar / Vincent Louis Francis Stokes

Project is managed by Karina Cabanikova (Artist in Residence at Birmingham School of Art)

PULPA III is a collaborative venture (3rd year running) between practice-led BA/MA/PhD students and invited artists and staff studying at Birmingham School of Art and Centre for Contemporary Art Research (CFAR). The exhibition takes place at R.K. Burt Gallery, London.

PULPA III puts together recent productions from artists working with/researching physicality and materiality of paper, tackling various concepts; socio-economics, cultural identity, notion of time, materiality, amongst many more. The Artists’ approaches differ from traditional printmaking, through digital printing, to challenging the materiality of the paper in a sculptural approach.

PULPA III provides an opportunity to exhibit and build links with an established gallery in London (R. K. Burt), raising not only the profiles of individual BA/MA/PhD students but the first-rate work produced will contribute to the reputation of the Centre (CFAR) as a whole. It is the third time in which artistic researchers and students will produce a show within R.K. Burt Gallery, thus strengthening the relationship between this venue and the Research Centre (CFAR). The exposure gained through public exhibition at this site provides excellent future prospects to exhibit, produce collaborative publications and promote the universities research capacity for world-class contemporary practice-led research at a highly professional level.