Warwickshire Open Studios Spring Exhibition

DESTINATION ANYWHERE, EAST OR WEST, WE DO NOT CARE is the first WARWICKSHIRE OPEN STUDIOS exhibition curated by KIT, with help from Virgin Train to provide a space to make this exhibition happen.

Destination Anywhere, East or West We Don’t Care is an exhibition of 2D and 3D artworks from artists and designer-makers across Warwickshire. Taking place in the Old Waiting Room on Platforms 2 and 4 at Rugby Railway Station, the exhibition is inspired by the transience of the Victorian waiting room, with the selection of work reflecting themes of journeying, place and transit. The exhibition has been organised by curating group KIT.

The majority of people using the station and waiting rooms have specific destination and purpose attached to their journey, they are in transit, speeding up and slowing down, syncopated to the rhythm of the train schedule, ever moving with short periods of suspension. In this time of post modernity, new media, simultaneity, and globalisation artists explore the concept and consequences of being destinationless – travelling, migrating, loitering with no intent, marking time, journeying, irrespective of gender or socio-political expectations.

Karina Cabanikova, Ije Carr and Tammy Woodrow who make up curator group KIT.